Dividend Income Update – July 2019

Dividends in July are all accounted for and booked.

Total dividend received in July was NOK 552 (not adjusted for witholding tax deducted). I received dividends from Hemfosa, Brookfield Renewable Partners and Transalta Renewables.

Total dividend received YTD is NOK 13 469 (not adjusted for witholding tax deducted) and I’m already ahead of dividends received last year which ended on NOK 11 000. For 2019 I expect to receive approximately NOK 20 000 in dividends.

Dividend yield: 3.9%

Yield on cost: 4.1%

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A Norway-based investor with a background from finance and accounting. I'll use this site to share and to document my journey of becoming a full-time private investor.

3 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update – July 2019”

  1. Hello Edd!

    Can you give a quick comment about these three stocks? (Did you buy them over time? Your thoughts about the Fair value, your own subjective thoughts about these stocks etc etc)


    1. Hi Litta,
      I bought Hemfosa following the spinoff announcement in 2018. Nyfosa was spun off from the parent company and I bought the more defensive shares in Hemfosa which owns and operates public real estate (schools, police stations etc).

      TransAlta and Brookfield Renewable Partners was bought in March / April and is a play on the ESG-trend. The own and operate hydro stations, windmills and have solid management. Increasing dividends each year.

      All buys where one-time purchases, but I’m considering adding on the positions if they fall back. They are noe cheap these days in my opinion.


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