Sold Scanship Holding – Volatility increased

Investing in ESG-companies has proven highly profitable the last year and one of the companies that has increased the most is Scanship Holding ASA. Scanship delivers technical solutions to the maritime industry (cruise ships, aqua culture etc) and the future is bright.

Today I offloaded my holdings in the company and the main reason is the increase in volatility. I want more stable companies with less flucations in my portfolio and the jury is still out whether the stock is overpriced or not. At NOK 19,1 per share I’m leaning towards the overpriced side (which is also supported by my DCF – calculations).

On 28 August the Q2 – results is published and I will still have an interest in the numbers reported as the company and its solutions are highly interesting.

Discounted Cash Flow – model updated 26.8.2019:

I have received quite a few questions from my followers about the underlying assumptions in my DCF-model posted on 20 August. In the slideshow below I have uploaded some of the assumptions and calculations from my simplified DCF-model.

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