Securitas – stabile growth outlook

I bought my first shares in Securitas at 147 SEK on the 10 September 2019. The share price reacted very negative on Q2 2019 – figures. I believe the company is well managed, has a stabile growth outlook due to increased urbanisation, promising acquisitions and necessary investments in security technology.

The company was established back in 1934 as Hälsingborgs Nattvakt and has since then grown to become a world leader in security services. Investment AB Latour entered as owners of the company in 1985 and under their ownership the company developed into a multinational corporation. The market for Securitas’ services benefits from the megatrend of urbanisation which support the companies growth outlook. Securitas is investing heavily in security technology and are making acquisitions in order to meet the rapid pace of transition to security solutions that combine on-site and mobile guarding with various forms of electronic security.

Megatrend: Urbanisation. Rapid urbanisation will most likely have the greatest impact on how and where humans live. People leave the countryside and migrate to cities. Combining urbanisation with increasing demand for improved standard of living for emerging economies and an increase in the world’s population results in megacities and the need to rethink how cities are built. Securitas will benefit from this megatrend since there are higher crime rates in cities than in rural areas.

Dividend: The company has increased its dividend the past four years and their dividend policy is to distribute 50-60 % of annual net income to its shareholders. Historically, the company has paid a steady dividend and has also distributed shares in Loomis and Assa Abloy.

  • Current dividend yield: 3.0 %
  • Dividend payout ratio: ~50
  • Return on equity: ~17 %
  • Equity ratio: ~29%
  • Net debt / EBITDA: 3.0
Securitas security Las Vegas

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