Dividend Income Update – November 2019

November has been a cold and rainy month and the dividends has poured into my account. This month has only been surpassed by April and May, which in the Nordic countries are the main period for capital distribution from listed companies, and I’ve recorded in total 2.397NOK from seven companies. Last year I received dividends in November from three companies, and again this is a sign that the lean, mean, dividend machine is on track.

I received the monthly dividend from TransAlta Renewables, quarterly dividend from AbbVie, AkerBP, Mowi, Ocean Yield and Equinor as well as the semi-annual dividend from Investor AB.

Current dividend yield for my portfolio is 3.3 % compared to 3.7% last month and the downward yield trend in my portfolio is starting to be more apparent. The reason why the yield is curving downwards is because share prices of my holdings has been positive, but I’ve also sold my shares in Hemfosa due to a takeover bid on the company and Ocean Yield with a very high dividend yield. These are now cash positions and I’m contemplating how to reinvest the funds going forward. I’ve also purchased shares in Biotage AB with a low yield, but a high expected dividend growth the coming years.

Above you can find what I expect to receive in dividends in 2020. I’ve estimated that my dividends will increase to ~27.600 NOK, which is an increase of 37% compared to my expected dividend for 2019. This increase is due to dividend growth from my companies, but mostly due to purchase of new companies.

In November I’ve bought shares in:

  • Biotage AB
  • Lerøy Seafood – ~ discount to peers
  • Sparebanken Vest – a no-brainer investment with low P/B, high ROE, 5% bonus shares the next two years

The offloaded positions this month is:

  • Nekkar ASA – sold at 3.19 NOK per share due to a more attractive investment option
  • Hemfosa – due to takeover bid
  • Ocean Yield

Every month I will post an update on my monthly dividends. Here you can find last the update for September.

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