Dividend Income Update – December 2019

The final dividend in 2019 has been recorded and it is time to review the lean, mean, dividend machine for the year. December was the month this year with the lowest dividend received, and I only received the monthly dividend from Transalta Renewables. I did not receive a dividend in December last year, hence 2019 is the first year with dividends every single month.

Dividends received per year

Quick facts about my dividend machine:

  • Average dividend per month: 1.733 NOK
  • Dividend received per day: 57 NOK
  • Current dividend yield: 3.3%
  • Current yield on cost: 3.8 %
  • Dividend increase compared to last year: 89%
  • Total dividend paid in 2019: 20.794 NOK
  • Received dividend from 26 companies in 2019 compared to 12 companies in 2018.
  • Expected organic dividend growth in 2020 is 7.9 %
  • Estimated dividend received in 2020: 28.262 NOK (based on status quo)
  • Withheld tax on dividends in 2019: 1.626 NOK

In December I’ve bought shares in:

  • Biotage AB – increased position to full size
  • Visa Inc – future dividend aristocrat?
  • Bakkafrost – participated in subsequent offering

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