Biotage – profitable alchemists

About the company: Biotage is a global Life Science company that develops instruments and consumables solutions for analytical, organic and peptide chemistry. It sells its products to government authorities, academic institutions, contract research and contract manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical and food companies. They have developed a lot of products and software for their three segments; Organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and industrial products.

The company has recently acquired PhyNexus (2018), which will add competence and a product portfolio of equipment within the high growth niche; biomolecules (pharmaceutical industry). I expect the company to make complementary acquisitions to facilitate growth in the coming years.

Product segments

Biotage Organic Chemistry products are used in research to effectively produce and purify the base substances of new pharmaceuticals. Biotage Analytical Chemistry products are used by organizations such as hospitals and commercial research labs to purify, for example, blood, soil or foodstuff samples before they are sent for final analysis. Biotage Industrial Products are used to purify or separate substances on an industrial scale, for example, in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. They are used in manufacturing processes as well as process development. An example of this is the purification of citric acid from pesticide residues. (Source: annual report 2018)